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General terms of use for the e-learning courses of MEYLE AG

The following rules apply to all registered participants in the e-learning courses of MEYLE AG.

These terms of use for the e-learning courses of MEYLE AG supplement the general conditions of use of MEYLE AG, which can be found here. Should the terms and conditions be contradictory, the terms of use for the e-learning courses of MEYLE AG shall take precedence.


Personal registration is required to access the e-learning courses of MEYLE AG. The login details (login name and password) are created by the participants. Each user must apply to the Management Board of MEYLE AG for an account.

The following data known as inventory data, is recorded during the initial registration: login name, first name and surname, email address, postal address, date of birth, position/occupational group.

The participants are obliged to provide their data correctly and truthfully.

Data privacy

All the personal data of the participants collected during registration is processed in accordance with the statutory data privacy regulations as applicable pursuant to the European General Data Protection Regulation and is only transferred in encrypted form. This equally applies to the temporary recording of data concerning individual connections to the learning platform as required by the system.

For any other questions regarding data privacy, please refer to our Data Privacy Statement.

Basic duties of the users

Upon registration, the user is granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable right of use for this learning platform. All users are obliged to handle in the strictest confidence the data to which they have access to, and to not share the said data with third parties without the consent in writing of MEYLE AG.

This learning platform is exclusively for the execution of the e-learning courses of MEYLE AG. No other usage of the platform, for example for other private and/or commercial purposes, is permitted. All users are obliged to observe the statutory provisions, in particular the provisions regarding copyrights and data protection. Unauthorized reproduction of the recordings of the content offered on the learning platform is not permitted.

All users of the learning platform are prohibited from

·       modifying, deleting or suppressing data, or making data unusable without authorization and/or using data for purposes other than for which it was intended;

·       in particular, disseminating the materials of unconstitutional organizations or their ideologies.

·       making insulting, offensive, or defamatory statements regarding others; and

·       harming the reputation of MEYLE AG.

Particular duties of MEYLE AG

MEYLE AG does not store data which may be subject to examination rights exclusively on the learning platform; an additional backup is made. (Background: The learning platform does not have an archive function, but certain participant-specific data is assigned to a registered participant. If a participant deletes their profile and removes themselves completely from the system, certain participant-specific data could be lost were there not a backup.)


Works and parts of works which are protectable by copyright such as course materials, templates, extracts of other works, images, etc. which are used in the e-learning courses of MEYLE AG and/or which are produced explicitly for a course room may not be used outside of the course room and/or shared with third parties.

This applies specifically to the teaching and learning materials of MEYLE AG and to articles that are protectable by copyright which are produced by participants during an e-learning course either individually or jointly.
Disclosure to third parties and/or use outside of the e-learning course of MEYLE AG is explicitly only permissible subject to the approval in writing of the author.

Exclusion from usage

The e-learning platform of MEYLE AG is a voluntary service of MEYLE AG. MEYLE AG is at liberty to bar users from using the e-learning platform at any time either temporarily or permanently without stating any reasons for doing so, including during a learning unit, or to refuse to grant access in the first place. The Management Board of MEYLE AG is authorized to bar persons. Users previously barred may be readmitted by MEYLE AG at its own discretion at any time. MEYLE AG reserves the right to delete users and their data from the system at any time.


In the event of a culpable violation on the part of the user of the statutory duties or of the duties as specified in these general terms of use, the user shall be liable as per the legal provisions. As the operator of the e-learning course, MEYLE AG shall only be liable for grossly negligent or wilful breaches of duty. This shall apply specifically to any damage incurred by users of the learning platform due to the downloading of materials or software and other transactions on the user’s technical devices.

There shall be no entitlement on the part of the users to availability of the e-learning platform of MEYLE AG.

Changes to the terms of use

MEYLE AG reserves the right to amend or supplement these terms of use at any time with effect for the future. MEYLE AG is entitled to make decisions in individual cases to clarify or expand the general terms of use.

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